Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Girl v. Boy

Girl v. Boy
by Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout

Luisa Perez. One of 10 (oops, make that 11) Luisa Perez's on campus, Lu is who she is, but no one sees her...

Except for the vain diva dancer who thinks fifteen minutes as a failed TV reality show competitor makes her the star of everything.

Oh! And the star basketball player who tries to grope Lu in the planetarium.

And don't forget the somewhat geeky, yet totally gorgeous guy who doesn't treat her like a moron.

There's also the skater who thinks she's worthy to stand on his rare board.

And, of course, there's her sister's boyfriend's co-worker who happens to be seriously cute and seriously into her.

What none of them know is that Lu happens to be the anonymous female columnist "Newshound" of the girl vs. boy column called "The Word".

The females (even the stuck-up divas) think everything she writes is amazing.

The males think her counterpart "Scoop" is always right (even when Lu thinks he's completely wrong).

And both of the columnists hate each other... at least on paper.

Can they work together, save the day, and still manage to win the literacy fundraising concert?

Who knows? But isn't it fun to watch?

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