Sunday, September 27, 2009


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Tyler Miller was a nobody. Nobody knew him. Nobody cared what he said. Nobody cared what he did.

Tyler Miller may have spent his enter life being a nobody except that he got fed up one day, bought some paint, and spray-painted some very rude things on the school walls about the junior class being awesome and the principal being... well... not awesome.

Of course, he still may have been a nobody if he hadn't stupidly left his wallet at the scene of the crime.

So after a summer of community service for a landscaping company and after emptying out his bank account to pay for the damage, Tyler Miller is not only famous, but now he has a reputation.

He's also bigger. Lifting all those 50-pound bags of mulch and tarring roofs adds muscle. So this quiet, shy, gamer has now become the strongest guy in his class.

He's finally gotten the attention of the most beautiful girl at school. Unfortunately, he's also gotten the attention of her jerk of a brother. And both of them are the children of Tyler's dad's boss, so having their attention means he's now really gotten his father's attention.

Now Tyler's got too many problems to manage on his own. His father has enrolled him in courses far too difficult for him. His mother is drinking herself to sleep each night. His sister is dating his best friend. The girl he likes thinks he's done something he hasn't. And the guy he hates has a few friends willing to do his dirty work for him.

With his 18th birthday nearing, the police suspecting that he's taken and posted nude pictures of someone, and everyone either avoiding him or hitting him, things are getting to a breaking point.

The question is.... in this twisted little world, who will break first and what will happen when all hell breaks loose.

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