Monday, October 12, 2009

Sister Wife

Sister Wife
by Shelley Hrdlitschka

Nanette - Pure of thought. A true believer. God has a plan for her, her future husband, her future children, and his other wives.

Celeste - Tries to be pure of thought. Wants to be a true believer. But if God has a plan for her, he hasn't told her yet and she's making some plans of her own.

Taviana - Outsider. Had a hard life with the non-believers. Even became a prostitute to support herself until a man from Unity came and brought her to The Movement to try and save her. She enjoys the safety, but not all of the rules and strict guidelines. And she talks a little too much to Celeste to make the leaders of Unity comfortable.

This is a polygamist community where men have many wives and romance between teens is forbidden. Cell phones, TV, movies, and all fast food are forbidden. Girls stop attending school after eighth grade to help their mothers take care of the multiple children around the household.

When Celeste turns 15, the Prophet will speak to God and choose a husband for her, even though she's already in love. Nanette seeks only to be pure and follow the rules, but worries about her sister's soul because it looks like she's going to go against the Prophet. And Taviana just wants to stay off the streets, but the police keep looking for her.

Can these three girls find the strength to be themselves and find happiness?

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