Friday, October 2, 2009

The Revealers

The Revealers
by Doug Wilhelm

Middle school is hard.

We all know it.

Sixth grade starts out ok because your friends from elementary school are still your friends when you start the new year.

But things change.

Seventh grade means cliques. Populars. Jocks. Geeks. Loners. Everyone gets an "identity"... whether they want it or not.

And the bullies come out. Boys get beat up. Girls get nasty little notes.

Middle school is very hard.

But does it have to be that way?

Can things change?

If there was a way to tell your story anonymously to everyone, would it make a difference?

Are the bullies doing it because they can? Or because people let them?

If you stand up and tell EVERYONE that you're being bullied, will the bullies go away?

It's an interesting idea. A thought. A scientific study to be made.

By posting stories on the school's LAN for everyone to read, Russell, Elliott, and Catalina open up a whole new world for the victims of bullies.

But some of the bullies are not happy with the change. And now The Revealers have to watch their backs before someone goes too far.

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