Thursday, October 15, 2009


by David Small

When he was born, he was sick and always crying.

When he was six, he had all sorts of sinus problems. So his dad, a radiologist, took tons of x-rays as therapy to help make him better.

When he was eleven, a growth appeared on his neck. Instead of taking him to surgery to have it removed, his dad bought his mom a new car and new furniture for the house.

When he was fourteen, he finally got the surgery he needed. And then had a second one the next day. And THEN he found out that he had cancer and that was why the doctor had been forced to remove glands and one of his two vocal chords.

So now he is mostly silent. Watching his extremely dysfunctional family fall apart before his eyes. And drawing it all.

It isn't until he is finally allowed to go to therapy that he finds out that life isn't supposed to be this hard. Then and only then can he draw his way past it to a better life.

This graphic novel is a very quick read with artwork that brings truth to the saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. Stitches is a finalist for the 2009 National Book Award.

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