Wednesday, January 20, 2010


by Maggie Stiefvater

Nearly seven years ago, Grace was yanked off of her swing by starving wolves in the middle of winter.  As she lay bitten and about to be eaten, another wolf felt sorry for her and saved her life.

For years she watched "her" wolf in the forest.  She listened to him howl.  She dreamed of being able to run with him.

And now her dreams may be coming true....

When he was still young, Sam was bitten by wolves and each year he becomes more and more wolf and less and less human.  Each year he has less and less time in human form.

This year is his last.

This year is his last chance.

This year, he takes the chance and talks to her.

But can there really ever be anything between them when the world is getting colder and his body needs to change?

This is the book that people have been waiting for since they finished reading the last Twilight book.  Who needs vampires when you've got werewolves?

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