Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Also Known as Harper

Also Known as Harper
by Ann Haywood Leal

After her drunk father abandons her and her family, Harper Lee has little going for her.

Her baby sister was stillborn, which started her father drinking... and then leaving them.

Her mother can't afford the rent and they get evicted.

She, her mother, and her brother move into a hotel that just happens to be owned by her former landlady's sister.

Her former landlady sells everything they owned (that they couldn't take with them) in a yard sale (without warning).

Harper's mother needs to take any and every job she can get, so she makes Harper stay home from school to take care of her little brother.

Because she's home from school, she's missing the poetry contest that she's been dreaming about for a year, ever since her drunk father refused to sign the permission form the year before.

But at least she has her words and her notebook.  With them, she can make any bad situation seem less awful.

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