Thursday, January 28, 2010

King of the Screwups

King of the Screwups
by K. L. Going

Another party, another half-naked girl, another chewing out by his father.

Liam Geller is used to all of this.

He's been a screwup all is life, according to dear old dad.  He can't do anything right.  His grades are horrible. He's been kicked off the team.  He regularly gets drunk and parties all night long even though he knows it will disappoint his father.

However, this time, with this half-naked girl, on his father's desk, he's gone too far.

This time he gets kicked out.  The choice is go live with his father's parents, who live in Nevada and hate him completely, or his Uncle Pete, a gay glam-rocker who lives in a trailer park and hasn't spoken to the family in years.

So, Li goes to live with Pete, where he's determined to completely screwup this time, by being everything that he's not.  He's always been popular, but this time he'll screw that up by hanging out with the nerds. He's not a nerd, but he'll screw that up by studying and joining the AV club.  He's never been good at anything, but he'll screw that up by becoming great at something.

The only problem now is that he screws up screwing up!

Will his father ever approve of him?  Or will he screw up so much that he loses everything?

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