Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Deep in the Heart of High School

Deep in the Heart of High School
by Veronica Goldbach

Three friends brought together by band camp, staying together because each has a unique problem that the others are willing to help resolve.

Fatima - slightly overweight girl from San Antonio, Texas.  Her father regularly has her help with his construction work and translating his Spanish to the customers.  She's in love with Carlos, who only talks to her to get her to do his homework for him.  Will she ever notice Alex as more than just a friend?

Olivia - always working to follow the rules and please her mom, she's taken on more than her fair share since her father died the year before.  She's also been crushing on Travis for years, but her tongue seems to completely stop working whenever he walks by.  Will she ever get up the nerve to talk to him?

Vanna - a messy divorce has forced her mom to drag her out of her rich life in Northern Texas to live in San Antonio.  Her now ex-boyfriend is dating her now ex-best friend and she's just struggling to find a guy to talk to.  Will she ever be comfortable with her new life?

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