Wednesday, February 17, 2010


by Lisa McMann

Sequel to Wake

Just as Janie is coming to terms with her ability, and even learning to enjoy helping people solve their dream problems, things turn upside-down.

Something is going on at her high school between some of the teachers and their students... And it's not tutoring.

After getting caught in one girl's nightmare of rape, Janie begins piecing the puzzle together.  By her side is her secret boyfriend, Cabel.  He's the only one who knows her secret.  And he may be the only one to fully understand the danger Janie is in.

It's not just the danger of the rapists that is haunting her.  Her own ability is beginning to have serious consequences.  If she doesn't come to grips with who and what she is, she may do something that has a tragic end.

Can Janie figure out everything in time and still make it to graduation in one piece?

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