Tuesday, February 16, 2010


by Lisa McMann

Dreams can be scary.  Dreams can be sad.  Dreams can show your deepest desires.  But, no matter what, your dreams are your own private thoughts.  Right?


Dream Catchers exist and they can see everything you see in your dreams.  They watch you.  They see what you see.  And they can even help you change your dreams.

Janie Hannagan finds this out the hard way by entering the dreams of a man when she was only 8 years old.  Soon, Janie becomes trapped in everyone's dreams.  She can't get out unless they wake up or she gets far enough away from them.  

Slumber parties are a nightmare.  And study hall becomes her personal hell.

Until Cabel comes along.... 

Can she ever learn to control this thing that takes her over whenever someone takes a catnap?  Or will she be forced to live in hiding in the backwoods just to keep herself sane?

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