Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood

Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood
by Eileen Cook

At the end of their eighth grade year, Helen Worthington and Lauren Wood witnessed the seniors at their future high school pulling the annual senior prank.  Helen was content to keep the secret, but Lauren used it as the way to make it into the popular crowd.  And she did it by telling on the seniors and then blaming Helen.  Now Helen is the "Snitch B!tch" and Lauren is the queen.

Luckily, Helen's parents get an offer in New York over the summer and Helen moves with them.  For three years, Helen has planned the perfect revenge.  She's dreamed of all the ways to take Lauren down, all while tracking Lauren's every move on Facebook. 

Now, Helen has to move back and live with her grandma and Helen is given the chance to destroy Lauren.  It helps that she's shed 30 pounds and got an unintentional nose job after breaking her's in an accident.  She can be whoever she wants and she wants to be Claire Dantes, popular girl from New York who summers in France.

Once her identity is established, she begins her multi-step plan to take Lauren's boyfriend, her best friends, her part in the school play, and her spot as head cheerleader.
But will destroying Lauren be everything she thought it would be?  Or will Helen/Claire become the next Lauren Wood.

Final thoughts:  Well-written book on friendships and what makes a good one.  There are cotton-candy aspects to it and the resolution seems a little unbelievable, but it's still good.  Having been around too many Lauren's, it's good to see the less-than-popular take some initiative and stand up herself.

Rating: 4/5

Bonus: YouTube Book Trailer available HERE

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