Monday, May 17, 2010


by Kate Cann

Rayne has lived in one of the most crowded sections of London all her life.  Even her apartment with her mother and brother is crowded.  Each night is filled with the sounds of traffic, yelling, horns, and violence. All she wants is a little peace and quiet.

She gets her chance when she lands a job at Morton's Keep, a manor house far from London.  So she takes a year off of school to try and figure out who she is.

Everything starts off great.  She's happy.  It's quiet.  And there's a very good-looking boy who seems to be very interested in her.

Unfortunately, the manor itself isn't quiet.  It's seething within with some sort of evil and Rayne can feel it whenever she walks through the oldest parts of the building.  

Something's in there... And it wants out.

Final thoughts:  Eh.  It was a HUGE build-up to a lack-luster end.  There is a sequel coming out, so this may end up being the exposition to a series.  Blah in the extreme.

Rating: 2/5

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