Friday, May 21, 2010


by Jenny Moss

Shadow has always lived with the queen.  She's supposed to protect her.  A prophecy told when the queen was born warns that she will be killed by her sixteenth birthday.  So Shadow is supposed to be there to take the arrow or sword in her stead.

But when Shadow fails and the queen dies anyway, she's taken by a young knight on a journey of magic and discovery.

Her world isn't what she thought it was.

Final thoughts:  Awful, awful book.  It's obvious from the beginning what the "twist" is and it's dull in the extreme getting there.  The writing is poor and the story even more so.  Moss spends no time on any one, single aspect of the story or the world it's set in.  She can't make up her mind about the characters and their motivations.  They love each other, despise each other, like each other, can't stand each other... So annoying.  It's not a progression of one emotion to the other; it's relationship ADD or schizophrenia.  Not worth the trouble.

Rating: 1/5

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