Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dead Is Just a Rumor

Dead Is Just a Rumor
by Marlene Perez

The town of Nightshade has never been what one might call "normal".  In fact, it's really more para-normal.  With ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, telepaths, an invisible man, and an allegedly haunted jukebox, there's not much normal about Nightshade at all.
Now in her senior year, with her father recently returned from years of being held prisoner by the anti-paranormal group, the Scourge, and her boyfriend coming to grips with his own wolfy behavior once every 28 days or so, Daisy is finally coming into her own.

Of course, now that her father is home, he seems to be smothering her with over-protectiveness, partially brought about by the fact that he hasn't seen her since she was 12.  And she seems to have somehow made an enemy of a friend without knowing how she did it.  And there's the chef that she's won cooking lessons with who appears to want a servant instead of a student.  And there's the chef's pig, who seems smarter than the average pig (with a full head of hair, no less).  AND there's the new guidance counselor who seems to have it out for her.

Yeah.  Senior year's going to be a breeze.

Final thoughts:  I enjoyed this quick read.  It wasn't too straining on the brain and Daisy always has a fun attitude to read.  It's in keeping with the previous three books in the series, so there's nothing out of the ordinary.  My only problem has more to do with the fact that I was obviously not the intended audience, which isn't so much a problem with the book, really.  I figured out from the early chapters where everything was going, so the "mystery" element just wasn't that mysterious.  I mean, the chef's name is CIRCE and she has a pet PIG.  Come on!  Does no one in Nightshade read Greek Mythology and see a connection here???  The ending felt a bit rushed, too.  It was like, "Oh no!  Daisy's in danger!  Go get some hel... Oops!  Nevermind.  Everything's ok."  And then it ended.  Still, I'm looking forward to reading the 5th and final installment.  (Note to Marlene: MORE RYAN!!!)

Rating: 4/5

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