Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hard to Get

Hard to Get
by Emma Carlson Berne

Val thought she had the perfect boyfriend in Dave.  After all, it was definitely the longest she'd gone out with one guy, so that must mean it's special.  And it was... until she caught Dave making out with another girl in the parking lot of her high school.

Now "available", Val is suddenly bombarded with date offers from guys around the school, many of whom she doesn't even know.  When her friends point out that this is because she's suddenly "on the market", which has never been true for her for more than a week, Val realizes she's been a bit too focused on being a girlfriend and hasn't focused enough on being herself.

She decides to swear off boys for the next month, and her friends make it "interesting" by making it a bet.  Winner gets to wear real diamonds to prom; loser has to wear the ugliest purple prom dress and matching heels ever made.

Unfortunately, it all gets way too complicated when Val meets Adam.  He's "arty" and normally not her type, but there's definite chemistry there.  

So what's more important?  The possibility of true love or avoiding having to wear the nastiest dress on the planet?

Final thoughts:  I grabbed this paperback from the giveaway pile at work.  It's obvious cotton candy and has no literary merit whatsoever.  However, it's fluffy and light on the brain.  There are a few problems with pacing and time seems to speed up and slow down without making much sense, but it's easy to read and a good brain cleanser, especially when I've got a few paranormal and dystopia novels on my to-read list.  Think of this book as a light sorbet for the brain.

Rating: 3/5

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