Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Ghost and the Goth

The Ghost and the Goth
by Stacey Kade

Alona Dare looks like she has it all together.  She's top of the social food chain, physically perfect, gets whatever she wants, is the envy of every girl, and the object of every boy's affection.

But stepping in front of an oncoming bus ends all that for Alona.

Now she's stuck waking up on the same stretch of road every day at the same time, forced to watch the world go by without ever being able to communicate with the people around her.

That changes when she sees Will Killian see her.

He's been able to see the dead all of his life, but he's spent years trying to hide that fact.  Because the dead talk.. a LOT.  Whenever they find out that Will can hear them, they won't leave him alone and they beg him for favors to help them get to the great beyond.

Now Alona has found him.

He may never find peace again.

Final thoughts: Cotton candy book at its best.  There's nothing really deep and meaningful here, but it's plenty of fun.  Looking forward to the sequel.  (I wonder if the author wrote this on a dare.  I only speculate since every time I read Alona's name, in my head it sounds like All On A Dare.)

Rating: 5/5

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