Monday, June 27, 2011

Wisdom's Kiss

Wisdom's Kiss
by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

A scheming duchess determined to have the one land left that hasn't succumbed to her machinations.

A young princess heading off to marry the duchess's son and unite the kingdoms.
An acrobat who falls in love with the young princess before the wedding.

A grandmother who seeks only to keep her kingdom and family safe.

A young orphan with a gift for seeing the future.

A cat who seems to understand more than he should.

All these characters come together to save a kingdom, or tear it apart.

Can witchcraft save the day?

Final thoughts:  This book is told from EIGHT points of view.  It gets a little tiresome changing the P.o.V. every couple of pages.  The story is cute, as is the interweaving of a few fairy tales, but the author seems to be a little too clever for her own good at times.  It gets a little weighed down in cleverness and twists.  It's ok, but not fabulous.

Rating: 3/5

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Alpa@1 more page please said...

I did come across this book a while ago.I thought the story was cute.


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