Thursday, June 2, 2011


by Jennifer Laurens

Ashlyn is a high society girl who doesn't get to live with the rest of society.  Ever since she was kidnapped by a former nanny who was obsessed with her dad, her dad has been obsessed with her safety.  She's escorted everywhere by a bodyguard, has no moment of peace outside of her own bedroom, and is followed by the stares of others who think she's strange for her security detail.
Weirded out by her current bodyguard of three years who seems to have developed a bit of an obsession about her, Ashlyn conspires to get him fired.  She's also trying to get rid of the detail altogether since she's nearly 18 and figures she can now be trusted on her own.
She was wrong.

Not only does her father hire a new guard in record time, but he's the boy who used to torture Ashlyn as a child.  There's no way she'd be in danger of falling in love with him.

Or is there?

Final thoughts:  Blech.  Poorly written tripe.  It's a YA Harlequin with bad characters, shifting time and plot structures, no real story, and a horribly written "romance".  It's obvious almost from minute one what's going to happen all the way through.  Everything is telegraphed way in advance.  You KNOW she will fall in love from Colin the moment she sees him on the street.  You KNOW what will happen near the end of the book with Stuart.  You KNOW how it will all end by the second chapter.  It's awful.  Ashlyn's "hatred" of Colin seems to solely be based on him chasing her with a crab on the beach when she was five and even that, which is sooo important at the start of the story, is ignored halfway in.  Other things bug me like why would a father so extremely concerned with his daughter's safety hire a 21-year-old with NO training (only aspirations to be an FBI agent) instead of hiring a 40-something former cop?  Why would Colin reach for a gun that wasn't there at one point in the story when no one ever mentioned a gun before?  Why would the author telegraph that Ashlyn calling her father "Dad" instead of "Daddy" would be a big deal by saying something to the effect of "I later figured out..."?  Why is the guy on the cover 30 something and the girl obviously in her 20's when she's supposed to be 17 and he's supposed to be 21?  So much more to complain about, but I've wasted enough time on this book already.

Skip it.

Rating: 1/5


Melissa said...

I totally agree. I've seen so many reviews praising Overprotected, and i'm flabbergasted that they loved it so much. Never has a protagonist annoyed me such.

Shayana said...

Thank goodness I'm not the only one. On GoodReads so many people are celebrating this book that I was worried I was just in a bad mood when reading it or something. I usually read books in a day or two, but I kept putting this one down because it was so bad and now I'm way behind on my reading.


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