Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lucky Fools

Lucky Fools
by Coert Voorhees

When he was younger, David Ellison was cast in a small, local commercial and got bit by the acting bug.  Now, that is his only focus in life.  While all of his classmates are considering Ivy League schools, David only wants to go to Julliard and the auditions are coming up fast.

As David prepares for the most important four minutes of his entire life, he's also preparing to star in his school's play adaptation of The Great Gatsby, and he's preparing with the first new girl to arrive at their fairly exclusive private school in years.

The fact that David has been dating one girl, his near perfect match in high school terms, for the last two years doesn't seem to stop him from wanting Vanessa, even while Ellen tries to help him with everything that's going on around him.

To top it all off, someone calling him (or her)self "The Artist" has been going after the seniors, embarrassing them on the school's bulletin board, and exposing their deepest secrets.

As one of the best known and most high-profile seniors, is David the next target?

Final thoughts: It's going to be hard for most teens to get into this one.  Focusing on the problems of the fairly-to-mega wealthy is difficult to pull off when most people wish they would have those kinds of problems instead of their own.  The beginning starts off well, but the middle drags, and the ending is like falling off a cliff.  One moment, you're just walking along, trying to follow the path of the story, and the next, you've tumbled over the edge and the story ends.  I was also really disappointed in The Artist; it seems that the entire plot point was created to be just a peg in the final story, rather than an actual problem to be resolved (and it never is).

Rating: 2/5

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