Thursday, March 15, 2012

White Witch

White Witch
by Trish Milburn

Jax is a witch and always has been.  Her family has been building strength over the generations and rule with an absolute power in Miami.  However, they use Dark Magic and Jax just isn't a fan.  She is tired of constantly using and abusing humans because her family tells her to do so.  In her mind, there has to be a way to get away from the power.

So she leaves.  She takes off and runs.  She knows the consequences if she gets caught.  Her mother faced them years before, but for Jax, it's worth it.

She only wants normal.  She wants school, friends, and maybe even the chance to have a real boyfriend.

But normal seems to want nothing to do with her and the family isn't far (enough) away.

Final thoughts: This is a quick read and has a decent story, but I really wish Milburn had taken a little more time with it. Things were rushed.  There were tons of Tell moments instead of a gradual Show.  We are constantly Told that Jax and her crush are really in love.  Everyone else Tells Jax over and over again.  There's no real time for the relationship to develop.  One moment they meet; the next, they're in love.  Time felt really rushed.  I couldn't tell how many days had passed because the author herself seemed unclear.  There were moments of conflict that were either pushed through, jumped over, worked around, or completely ignored.  Just when you think there will be something to really worry about, it's resolved outside of view.  Action sequences were sped up to a fast-forward version, like watching a movie at x10 speed.  The ending felt rushed and unfinished.  Here's to hoping the sequel has a little more to it.

Rating: 3/5

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