Thursday, March 1, 2012

Putting Boys on the Ledge

Putting Boys on the Ledge
by Stephanie Rowe

Blueberry Waller has always known that her life is a little more "interesting" than most teens.  Her parents are the kind of crazy that can be a social death sentence.  Her dad knows a number of different wolf howls and bird calls, which he shares whenever possible.  Her mother rules her wardrobe with an iron fist, preventing her from wearing anything even vaguely "sexy".  And her younger sister seems to pick all the wrong moments to speak up.

But things might just be looking up when Blue gets cast in the school musical and even gets a scene or two with the extremely handsome senior, Heath, who seems to like Blue, even though she's a freshman.  The fact that she can't sing a note, can't dance, and is playing his character's mother, doesn't make for ideal romancing, but she'll do what she can with what she's got.

Her three friends are guaranteed to help her out however they can, and she even gets a few pointers from Colin, another senior who her parents hired to take over some of her chores while she's at rehearsals.

But is Heath really worth all the fuss?  Duh!

Final thoughts:  Ugh!  Usually I love YA high school romances, but this is just awful.  There is absolutely no character development.  The plot is rushed.  Blue and her "OMG! Heath!" crush is completely annoying, as is her crazed stalker-like attitude whenever he's near her.  Her complete cluelessness about the facts when it comes to senior boys and freshman girls is ridiculous, esp. when one of her best friends has an older sister who's already done the high school thing and has been giving advice to the girls for years.  And why oh why would a second senior fall head over heels for her, date another girl to make her jealous, and then dump that girl the moment he had a chance?  

Just... bad.

Rating: 1/5

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