Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Council of Mirrors

The Council of Mirrors
by Michael Buckley

It's time for the final battle.  

There's almost no one left to fight, but they'll fight anyway.

Witches, fairies, knights, bears, princesses, and more, but what it really comes down to is two girls.

Together, the Mirrors have presented a prophecy that states that the only hope to survive and defeat the First is the skills and determination of the Sisters Grimm: Sabrina and Daphne.

Unfortunately, Sabrina can't bring herself to believe that she and her sister can save the 20 or so remaining Everafters from the thousands who are determined to defeat them.

It's time for the final battle... and the entire world depends on two young girls.

Final thoughts:  I really wish I'd re-read the series before reading this one; there is just too much going on and too many references to past events going all the way back to the first book.  Sabrina finally comes into her own and stops whining (esp. after others point out that fault to her), so that was nice to see.  I will ALWAYS love Puck.  And Daphne was a kick to see, but there was too little of her in this story.  The final resolution was reminiscent of Harry Potter, which was a bit of a disappointment.  The time lapse at the end was also HP familiar, but too short for me.  There was also a hint of a possible second series, so I'm not sure if Buckley will push this any further.  Overall, it was a solid end to the story and one, when read from start to finish with the rest of the series, that will surely satisfy.

Rating: 4/5

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