Friday, April 27, 2012


by Brodi Ashton

After feeling abandoned by the men around her, Nikki Beckett abandoned them.  She left them to have her emotions drained in the Everneath by an Everliving and the Shadows.

Now, after one hundred years in the Everneath (though it was only six months on the Surface), Nikki has come back.  She has six months to set things right.  She has six months to make up with her dad.  She has six months to prove to her younger brother that she didn't completely abandon him.  She has six months to prove to her friend that she didn't go to rehab for a heroin addiction.  And she has just six short months to prove to her boyfriend that she still loves him.

Unfortunately, she also only has six months before she's dragged back forever by the Shadows and forced to become a kind of battery in hell, keeping the Everlivings and their Shadows alive.  And she also has to spend those six months dealing with Cole, the Everliving who started the whole thing.

When she left, she thought there was nothing to live for and therefore nothing to lose.  Now she knows how very much there is to keep her alive, if she can only figure out how.

Final thoughts:  A very good read.  This one pulls you in and keeps right on going.  Jack is a true hero, both flawed and genuine.  While his constant seeming need to walk away from Nikki can get frustrating at times, it's all firmly rooted in real emotion.  Cole is a hard read, but I'm curious to see what happens next with him.  The ending was both sad and filled with a little hope.  All around, it's worth reading.  Plus, I LOVE the cover.

Rating: 4/5

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