Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Last Echo

The Last Echo
by Kimberly Derting

Not long after surviving a murder attempt by a man who had finally been found out for killing his own wife years before, Violet has now joined with the people who helped save her.

It's hard to balance school and this new job, but it's even harder when her job essentially entails using her "gift" to find the dead via their echos and then finding their murderers via their imprints.  Each time she comes across an echo or an imprint, she's haunted for days, has trouble sleeping, and simply can't relax.  And now she's supposed to do it for a living.

Her colleagues include a medium, an empath, a boy who knows the past of an object by touching it, and a young man who can see the future by touching an object belonging to the person affected. 

But none of these people has figured out how to stop "the collector": a man who "collects" girlfriends, kills them, and leaves them for Violet and her crew to find.

Throw in a gang banger killer, a flirty co-worker, and a somewhat jealous (but still completely hot and awesome) boyfriend, and Violet's life has definitely not gotten any easier.

Final thoughts:  This was a good, solid continuation of the series, but I still like the first one best.  I didn't see nearly enough Jay and the final events just seemed really rushed. (Jay was missing too much from those events, too.)  The Collector was creepy enough to start and his story rolled along, but there just seemed to be a sudden shift at the end where everything just pushed through quickly without the same care as the beginning and middle.  The final scene was also a little strange and felt out of context.

Rating: 4/5

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