Wednesday, February 25, 2015


by Tonya Kuper

On the day Josie turns the same age that her brother was when he died, her boyfriend dumps her. She's also suffering from extreme nausea and headaches, so it's just been great day all around.

When a guy shows up on an amazing motorcycle, just feet from where she's sitting, Josie imagines him to have the perfect hair, perfect eyes, and a special tattoo. She's shocked when he takes off his helmet and looks exactly as she imagined.

Reid's pretty shocked, too, since that's not how he looked when he got up that morning.

It doesn't take long for Reid to find Josie and explain to her that she's an Anomaly: a person who can manipulate the reality around her. He also explains that she's in great danger because of who and what she is, and that he's got a very limited amount of time to train her before she's found by those who would either have her join them or die.

Now she has to master her abilities to change the world, while also trying to keep herself from losing her heart to Reid.

Final thoughts: Such a great premise and such a poor book for it. The rules keep changing. You can't Retract something that hasn't been Pushed into existence in the first place, but they keep Retracting things from nature (like sand, though the author says Josie Pushes a hole, rather than Retract the sand). Reid worries constantly that Josie will hate him when she discovers his true identity, but her reaction is the opposite. No, wait! She'll hate him when she finds out what he did before her brother was killed, but she eventually understands. No! Wait!!! She'll hate him when she finds out what he really did! Oh! And there's a tiny plot about handing off some amazing serum to the Vice President, and that ends up being just a setup for some strange plot manipulation that just comes off badly. There's also an error in the plot where Josie mentions something about going to something that Reid was at years before and this was mentioned before Reid revealed his true identity, so how would she know that??

Rating: 2/5 

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