Wednesday, February 18, 2015


by A.J. Messenger

Declan's life has never been easy. Repeated panic attacks have made her life pretty hellish. Having a huge panic attack on her eighteenth birthday is definitely how she wanted to start the first day of her adulthood.

In walks Alexander Ronin. Tall, gorgeous, and strangely into her, he is everything she's never known that she's always wanted. She's drawn to him, as is every other girl in school. When she's near him, the panic attacks seem to magically go away. She feels calm and centered, and very much attracted to Alexander.

Over time, Alexander reveals that he's not your average guy. He's not even your average human. And he's definitely not the eighteen years of age that he pretends to be.

He's there to protect Declan because she's in real danger. And though he needs to stay close to her, he also needs to stay far away, because his attraction to her is as dangerous to her as the danger he was sent to protect her from.

Final thoughts: Decent read, though there are some story holes and a few issues with characterization. For the relationship, there's a lot of tell instead of show, but the overall story is interesting.

Rating: 3/5

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