Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Something True

Something True
by Kieran Scott

It's time.

True only has one more couple to match up and she'll be free to return to Mount Olympus and become Eros again.

She'll also be able to have Orion back with her and his memory will be restored.

Of course, the last person to match is actually dating Orion right now, so she'll have to break them up first.

Additionally, Orion's last lover (and her brother) have been sent down to Earth and are now looking for both of them. 

They want Orion back and they want True dead.

So True must break up her boyfriend's relationship, get his soon-to-be-ex to fall in love with someone else, avoid a couple of ticked-off gods, and do it all before the sand runs out on the desktop timer.

Final thoughts: It's the final book in the trilogy and it's just as much cotton candy as the first two. The ending is a true deus ex machina and a little too easy, but it's still fun.

Rating: 3/5

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