Monday, April 19, 2010

Athena : Grey-Eyed Goddess

Athena : Grey-Eyed Goddess
by George O'Connor

The second book in the Olympians series tells the story of Athena from her mother's imprisonment in Zeus's head to the final element of her Aegis, the symbol of her power.

This book continues the amazing action of the first, showing Athena's major accomplishments and triumphs.  We also see some of the famous myths like that of Arachne and her pride becoming her downfall as she goes too far insulting the gods.

In this graphic novel, there are also the myths of Medusa, Perseus (hero of the Clash of the Titans movies), and Pallas (all of them).
Ever wonder why Athena's armor has snakes coming from it?  Why has Athena always been Zeus's favorite?  How did she rise in power to become one of the most respected and beloved gods?  What inspired whole cities to devote themselves to her and name themselves after her (Athens, Greece anyone?)?

Final thoughts: The artwork continues to be amazing and explain more than words ever could.  O'Connor has a talent for making what could be dry, uninteresting tales, easy to read and understand.  A must read for anyone who's ever been the least bit interested in Greek mythology or graphic novels.

Rating: 5/5

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