Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dancing Through the Snow

Dancing Through the Snow
by Jean Little

At just three years old, Min was abandoned in a restroom with all of her hair chopped off by a woman claiming to not be her mother.  Since then, Min has been through four foster families, trying to find people who will accept her for who she is, not how she was dumped.

Over time, Min has learned to be closed off, never cry, and avoid the bully who has taunted her with evil names.  Because she's not outwardly emotional, her current foster mother has decided, just days before Christmas, that she no longer wants to care for Min.  As she's complaining to Min's caseworker, Dr. Jess Hart enters, overhears the conversation, confronts the foster mother, and "kidnaps" Min, deciding to foster her herself.

Now Min must learn to trust her new family and herself.  She must also confront her personal demons and work to break out of her shell.

Final thoughts: The writing is a little stilted and the relationship between Jess and Min seems to peacefully resolve very quickly.  But overall this is a decent read and should be good for foster kids and adopted chidren.

Rating: 3/5

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