Monday, April 26, 2010

Skunk Girl

Skunk Girl
by Sheba Karim

Nina Khan has always been an outsider.  She's the only Pakistani girl in her small school.  Her sister was a supernerd who excelled at every subject and got into every college to which she applied.  Her family insists on following a number of rules that Nina finds archaic, especially considering that she's lived in America her entire life.

No time alone with boys.  No boyfriends.  Especially no non-Pakistani boyfriends.  No parties.  No dances.  No overnight trips away from family.  And definitely, under no circumstances, never any kissing.

She's expected to go directly to school in the morning, come directly home after school, do well in all of her subjects, get into a good school, and marry a nice Pakistani boy that her mother chooses for her in a few years.

But Nina is completely Americanized, dreams of going to parties and dances, and dreams especially of a very cute Italian transfer student named Asher.

Can Nina learn to accept herself, her culture, and her family's rules?  Will she ever be able to experience a few of the typical teenage events that most Americans take for granted?

Final thoughts:  This was a very interesting insight into the lives of Pakistani families.  There was a mix of culture, food, and language that made the book feel like the reader was getting to watch through Nina's eyes, rather than just through a filtered non-fiction book.  Entertaining and enlightening.

Rating: 4/5

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