Monday, August 16, 2010

A Kiss in Time

A Kiss in Time
by Alex Flinn

Talia was always told to stay away from spindles.  All of the spindles in Euphrasia had been destroyed shortly after the curse of the witch Malvolia.  But anyone who's read the tale of Sleeping Beauty knows that you can't escape destiny... 

So, just hours before her sixteenth birthday, Talia finally escapes her constant, 24/7 escorts and finds the only spindle for miles around.  Though hardly her fault (destiny, remember!?!  and the fact that she'd never seen a spindle before), her father blames her after she's awakened 300 years later by a commoner who stumbled through the giant thorny hedges surrounding the kingdom.

Instead of being the obedient girl she's always been, she runs off with Jack, her "true love", whether he wants her around or not, and the two begin the trip back to his life in Miami.  
But things are never that easy.

Jack has problems relating to his family almost as Talia has problems with her's.  And Malvolia doesn't accept the terms of this awakening, especially since Jack and Talia don't much like each other, let alone love each other enough to satisfy the curse.

Now Talia must find a way to fall in love with Jack and get him to love her back before Malvolia finds her with another spindle.

Final thoughts:  I loved Beastly, but this was just too much of a stretch.  Where Beastly had a solid story and believable characters going for it, this was just a shoddy attempt to re-do the formula of the modern-day retelling.  It's too bad because I really was rooting for this one to work out.

Rating: 2/5

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