Wednesday, August 18, 2010


by Amanda Marrone

Jules and her friends have been killing supernatural creatures since they were thirteen.  Now, as they near their eighteenth birthdays, they are finally becoming full members of the coven and being told the secrets that have been handed down for 300 years.
Unfortunately, some secrets are better left unsaid.  And things in the coven aren't as safe as the young witches thought they were.

The good work they've been doing night after night over the last years may not have been what they believed.

Now, as the secrets are being revealed to each girl on her birthday, the realization comes that there has to be a change.

And as the youngest and last to know, Jules is also the only person who may be able to stop it all.

Final thoughts: The book itself wasn't so bad.  It's cult-y paperback at best.  My main complaint actually has more to do with the current trend in the supernatural genre.  Author/book bashing.  Marrone's books may never have gotten published if it wasn't for a certain 100-year-old vamp and his true love in the rainiest town, yet here is another book that mocks that story and its sequels.  Really?  There seem to be quite a few vamp novels out there that mention Meyer by name and mock her books, while also being published simply because the public hungers for more vamp novels.  The bite-the-hand-that-made-your-career-possible angle is a little annoying.  I know Meyer isn't the best author out there, but give it a rest, already.

Rating: 2/5

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