Friday, August 20, 2010


by Amanda Marrone

It's been months since Jordan's ex-boyfriend's funeral and Jordan still can't get him off her mind.

Of course, that may be because he still comes to visit her each night, sitting in the tree by her window, begging for her to invite him in so that they can be together.

The undead are just stalkery that way.

So now Jordan is trapped in her own home from sunset to sunrise.  She lays on her bed, gets drunk, and listens to her vampire-ex all night long as he tries new ways to get her to open the window and let him in.

But things are finally coming to a point where Jordan's going to have to make a choice.  Break up with him and make it stick this time... or open the window and let him in.

Final thoughts:  Marrone's books are OK.  That's about it.  They are bits of fluff.  I think the reason I keep picking them up is the covers and the blurbs.  They always look and sound more exciting than they really are.  In this one, the author keeps having Jordan think/say things like she's got issues with crowds, shyness, people staring at her, but then she's also supposed to be hard-core into drinking, recreational drugs, and sleeping around.  But no matter how much Jordan tells you she's these things, it's impossible to believe.  Not credible at all.

Rating: 2/5

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