Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cinderella Screwed Me Over

Cinderella Screwed Me Over
by Cindi Madsen

Darby Quinn has had her heart broken far too many times.  Bad relationships seem to be the norm for her, so she decides that she's had enough.  No more fairytale romances for her.  In fact, she's even written out a case study of each relationship, the corresponding Disney prince, and where and how each all went wrong, so that she can recognize the signs if she ever starts to fall in love again.

But she didn't count on meeting Jake Knight.

When Jake first enters her life, Darby thinks he's just like the other former princes in her life, but he's determined to prove her wrong.

Can this woman, who has declared love to be an unrealistic dream, find that it really exists?

Final thoughts: Cute fluff though sometimes frustrating.  Darby's bad history with men is really not that bad in the grand scheme of things. Many women have had much worse, so I'm not sure why these "princes" are so bad that it would cause her to swear off relationships altogether. I also can't really understand why Jake sticks around through Darby's yo-yo feelings.  However, the overall story is nice and Darby's friends and relatives redeem Darby herself.

Rating: 3/5

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