Tuesday, December 17, 2013


by Tom Leveen

It's just after 11 on a Tuesday morning and the biggest decision Brian has to make is whether or not to go to his fourth period class.

Nine hours later, everything is different.

In just nine short hours, Brian's life has completely changed.  His school has completely changed.  The world has completely changed.

In just nine hours, nothing is the same... especially not Brian.

Final thoughts: Ignore the publisher's tagline.  That will just disappoint you.  This is not The Breakfast Club or The Walking Dead.  This is insanity on the high school campus in ways never seen before and with a sly little wink at Twilight.  There are a few moments of extra information awkwardly jammed in to help the author explain things like the layout of the school or the progression of the disease, and Kenzie's medical history doesn't quite fit, but these are nitpicks in a pretty decent story. Don't try and take this one seriously; just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Please note that the chapter start illustrations are very much a part of the story and fun to watch progress.

Rating: 4/5

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