Monday, December 23, 2013

Princesses Don't Get Fat

Princesses Don't Get Fat
by Aya Ling

When Valeria, Princess of Amaranta turns sixteen, she's finally eligible for marriage.  When the day for her three suitors comes to challenge for her hand, they all work their hardest... to throw the contest.  None of them wants her after seeing her.

Princess Valeria is a big eater, in both senses of the word.

There's nothing Valeria likes more than a few cakes, cream puffs, and chocolates.

So, in order to help her daughter lose a little weight, and maybe gain a husband, Valeria's mother sends her to the Academy in Riviera to train her to become a fighter... or a least help her get rid of a few pounds.

And the plan seems to be working, until Valeria finds her way to the kitchens.

How does an overweight princess fulfill her marital duty when all she really wants to do is eat?

Final thoughts: Cotton candy book all the way.  You don't take this one seriously at all.  It's fluffy and sweet, though not intellectually "filling" at all.  It's just cute, though it has flaws.  The point of view keeps changing and the character development is rather shallow, but it's still a quick, fun read.  The bonus "Princes Don't Bake" isn't great, but continues the story decently.

Rating: 3/5

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