Monday, December 30, 2013

The Mageri Series

Dannika Dark

The Mageri Series
by Dannika Dark

Zoë Merrick had always been a little bit of an outsider. She was the only child of a mother who basically ignored her.  She has a smart mouth that has gotten her into more than a little trouble. And she has a strange ability to shock people with her fingers without even trying.  Being born on a plane in a lightning storm can do that to a person.

One night, she's attacked and killed, only to wake up in a body bag and escape to the middle of nowhere.  That's when she meets Adam.

Hours later, she's safe, but no longer looks anything like she did, and now she's got new feelings and new abilities she never had before.

When she meets Justus de Gradi, he reveals that she is now Mage.  She has a light within her that can be used as a weapon, but is also like a drug to other Mages.  She must learn how to manage her powers and defend herself from those who would harm her.

She has a long, difficult road ahead of her. She gets a new name, Silver, to go with her new life. When she meets Logan Cross, she finds the man sent to kidnap her who finds that he can't live without her.

Her immortal life will never be the same.

Final thoughts: This is an addicting series with a number of interesting twists and turns.  The first four books are solid, but the fifth feels messy.  There seems to be a scramble at the end to tie up loose ends and explain events.  There is also a scene that's set up to connect the Mageri books to a novella set in the same world, but that scene just doesn't fit in the overall story and is never referred to again.  The one thing that bugged me throughout the books was the name of the city they're in: Cognito.  She literally named the city Cognito.  That just annoyed me, especially when there were sentences that made it become "in Cognito". 

Rating: 4/5 for the first four books.  2/5 for the last one.

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