Saturday, January 11, 2014


by Sarah Aronson

At just six years old, Janine Friedman became the most famous girl in the world, all because she was the lone survivor of a suicide bomber's blast.  She was labeled the "Soul Survivor" and believed to be a miracle.

Now, ten years later, on the anniversary of the event, which included the deaths of both of her parents, she's in the spotlight again, begin followed by reporters just like her mom had been, all seeking a story from the miracle girl.

All her life she has had to dodge the paparazzi who want to get the exclusive pics and interviews.  She has a very small group of friends that she can trust and a desire to be famous because of what she can do instead of how she survived.

But things become much more complicated when she gets chased from her own parents' graves and events lead to Janine having to question her own personal beliefs and faith.

Final thoughts:  The beginning was good and I really felt for Janine, but things got strange fast.  She's repeatedly accused of being selfish and a bad friend even though there's really no evidence of that.  Janine's not very sympathetic and her "friends" are just horrible.  Over and over they want to use her and her fame for their own personal issues and pet projects, but when she says no, they call her selfish.  She's accused of constantly reminding people who she is, even though she's just trying to live her own life.  No one is well written here and the story devolves into a big mess at the end.  Bland and dull.

Rating: 2/5

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