Monday, January 27, 2014

House of Cards

House of Cards
by Ilana Waters

Sherry has been living on her own in Paris, France, for a few months now.  She's busking with other fortune tellers on the streets, hoping to get a few tourists to pay a few Euros for her predictions.  When she's approached by a mysterious man, she tells his fortune and he leaves, presumably never to be seen again.

But that's not the way the story ever goes.

The man's "friends" take an opportunity in a dark alley to kidnap her and take her as a meal to their vampire Master.  The only thing that can save her is her frighteningly accurate tarot predictions.

Unfortunately, she's now trapped, and finds that her mysterious man is, as well.  They are both prisoners in a vampire world led by a power-hungry man who is more than a little unstable.

Final thoughts:  Really?  The vampire craze needs to end with this book.  It's messy and melodramatic.  The language is stilted and unrealistic.  The characters aren't built well and the ending is just kind of there.  And please clarify how a girl on a tight budget, even with an "allowance" from her parents, can afford the amazing view described in the book.  Or how she's a prisoner, but allowed to walk around all over, even outside, immediately after capture?  It all felt strange and awkward. 

Rating: 2/5

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