Thursday, January 2, 2014

Crash Into You

Crash Into You
by Katie McGarry

All her life, Rachel Young has been the perfect daughter.  Born to replace a sister who died from leukemia long before she was born, Rachel's job is to make sure her mother is happy, especially around Christmas.  For years, Rachel has lived with panic attacks that have sometimes even sent her to the hospital, all because she's been living a lie.  She's not perfect.  She's not her sister.  She's not girly.  She hates dresses and she LOVES cars.

For most of his life, Isaiah Walker has been on his own. Even when he lived in foster care and group homes, he had to learn how to be strong for himself and not care about others. His only love in life is cars because most of the girls he's met are nothing but trouble.  All he wants now is to pass his certification test and log enough hours to become a certified mechanic and get his own garage.

When Rachel stumbles into Isaiah's life during a street race, Isaiah suddenly falls head over heels for the shy rich girl.  He starts off feeling like he needs to protect her, only to find that she's stronger than anyone he's ever met.

Now they must work together and save each other before a street race bookie destroys them both.

Final thoughts: This is book three in a series from McGarry, but I actually didn't know that until I was preparing this review/booktalk.  It's a book that stands alone despite being the third book with already established characters.  I really enjoyed Rachel and Isaiah.  They were a good couple together and they were also great alone.  Rachel's family dynamic was a little odd at times and some of the problems seemed forced, but her brothers were well written and interesting.  I can see teens devouring this read quickly and then begging for more.  Girls will like the romance and guys will love the street racing.

Rating: 4/5

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