Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift
by Angela Roquet

With three hundred years of reaping under her belt, Lana Harvey definitely feels like she deserves a vacation.  Unfortunately, Reapers, under the orders of the original Grim Reaper, don't get time off.  They were created to collect the souls of the dead and move them to their destinations, not to take vacations and slack off.

But while Lana may do her job, she does it barely well with barely any effort and barely anything to show for it.  Why should she cozy up to the bigwigs, get more schooling, and try for promotions when she's never going to truly be free?

Life's pretty good without having to strain, stress, or study.

Of course, Lana's plans go out the proverbial window when she's given an unwanted and unasked for promotion to find a special soul.  And when demons decide to also go after that soul, Lana has a LOT more problems than she ever thought she'd have.

Final thoughts:  Cutesy.  No big deal.  Kind of bland.  It felt like the author was determined to show off how much she knew about all the different religions, their gods, and their beliefs about heaven and hell.  Maybe this started as a final project for a religions course? While the philosophy behind post-life existence and the creation of the deities was interesting, it's not the story and the story got bogged down by the philosophy.  Glad I got it free for my Kindle on Amazon because it means I don't have to worry that I paid for it.  And I definitely don't need the next two books.

Rating: 3/5

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