Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Break-Up Artist

The Break-Up Artist
by Philip Siegel

Ever since her older sister was left at the altar and her best friend left her for a guy, Becca has been on a mission to help girls avoid the "trap" of love.  A little writing on a bathroom wall for advertising and her career as The Break-Up Artist began.
For a hundred dollars, she'll break up almost any couple, usually with just a simple text or a simple plot to create misunderstanding.  Sometimes it's just too easy for her.

When Becca's hired to break up the premiere couple at her high school, which just happens to include her former BFF, it's a challenge she can't resist, especially since the person hiring her is paying much more money.

At the same time, Becca's falling in love, too, and her choice for a first boyfriend definitely breaks the rules.

Final thoughts:  Cute, cotton candy book, but not amazing.  It starts off pretty well, but there are so many characters and so many different couples referred to that it gets a little confusing.  Becca's first "love" is a fairly annoying part of the story and pretty unbelievable given her history.  Overall, it's a decent read and will be fun for many.

Access to this ARC provided by NetGalley.  Book scheduled to be released April 29, 2014.

Rating: 3/5

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