Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Night Broken

Night Broken
by Patricia Briggs

For once in her adult life, things are finally working out for Mercy.  Her marriage is solid. There aren't any supernatural creatures out to kill her. She doesn't have any major injuries requiring hospitalization.  It's all happiness and even a little domesticity.

Until the ex shows up.

Adam's ex, to be exact.

It seems the ex has a stalker and the only place she feels truly safe is at Adam's house, surrounded by werewolves, most of whom want to protect her from every evil.  And some still think that Mercy is evil.

So now Mercy must play the supportive, non-jealous current wife as Adam's ex seeks to get back into his life, while running from a man who may not be so human after all.

Add in a fae who wants his father's walking stick back, a walking stick that Mercy gave away, and someone committing ritual murders around town, and things go absolutely crazy right on schedule.

Final thoughts:  Book 8?  Really?  We're already at book 8?  Wow.  That's kind of cool, especially since I can't seem to get tired of Mercy and her crew.  We had a few missing this time.  Gabriel was mentioned once, but never seen.  Ben is in for a heartbeat or two.  Zee is absent.  But we do get plenty of wolves we've never really seen before and a little more depth for ones we have.  I hated Christy with a passion, but loved how Mercy and Adam dealt with it all.  It's a fine line being the current wife and dealing with the ex who wants back in, but Mercy treads it well.  Gary was a cool addition to the universe; I hope we see him more.  I'm glad Briggs went back to the single POV.  The last book gotten a little wonky with Adam's view in there... of course, saying that, I wish we HAD Adam's POV for the final conflict and the aftermath.  Maybe Briggs will do what other authors have started doing and post a small short story on her site for Adam's side of things.  (PPLLLLEEAAASSSEEEE!!!!)  Solid addition to the series.  And... THE WALKING STICK IS BACK!  YEAH!  Who knew an inanimate object could be so awesome?!!?

Rating: 4/5

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