Monday, March 17, 2014


by Shannon Mayer

Ten years after her sister was kidnapped and was never heard from again, Rylee is still searching for her... or at least her body.  

Ten years after that girl disappeared, Liam O'Shea is still trying to find a way to prove that Rylee killed her.

Ten years after it happened, another girl is kidnapped from the same park, on the same day, at the same time, and even from the same swing.

For ten years, Rylee has made it her job to find the missing children as penance for losing her sister; now, with this new case, she has more reason than ever to succeed.

Of course, it's difficult to succeed when there's an FBI agent who won't leave you alone, a werewolf with a pack that's hunting him down, a BFF witch who has just broken all ties, and any number of other supernatural beings just getting in her way.

Final thoughts:  Oh, Amazon!  Why do I trust you with my recommendations?  Why do I keep going back again and again, thinking this time it will be different?  This book is a mess of ideas and a mish-mash of a plot.  There's no consistency in the story.  There's no consistency with the main characters. There's really just no consistency at all.  Sometimes it felt like this was the third or fourth book in the series, because things would happen or characters would say something and I was just supposed to get it, like an in-joke.  Other times it felt like some sort of strange supernatural encyclopedia as certain aspects were over-defined. Maybe Mayer was just using this book to set up plot points for future books, since so many questions were unanswered in this one.  I am not a fan.

Rating: 2/5

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